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Dr. Donald R. Watren’s Biography

Dr. Donald R. Watren’s Biography

Dr. Donald Watren is a family medicine specialist at West Palm Beach, FL and has more than 45 years of experience in the medical field. He graduated in 1976 from Ohio State U, College of Medicine Medical School. He is associated with Good Samaritan Medical Center with he is accepting new patients and has instructed that he accept telehealth appointments.

Be sure to call Dr. Watren to book an appointment.He is a family medicine doctor in West Palm Beach, Florida and is affiliated with Good Samaritan Medical Center-West Palm Beach. He received his medical degree from The Ohio State University College of Medicine and has been in practice for more than 20 years.

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Full NameDr. Watren's Credentials
About Dr. WatrenDr. Donald Watren graduated from Ohio State University College Of Medicine in 1976.
Address1500 North Dixie Highway Suite 102
West Palm Beach, FL 33401
Phone Number561.655.8990
FAX (561) 655-9684

E-mail[email protected]
Income$495.00 every 3 months
GenreFamily Medicine
Honors And AwardsTop Doctor, Palm Beach Illustrated, 2021
Languages Spoken
Hospital Affiliations
Tenet Good Samaritan, Inc.
Education & Training
Medical School
The Ohio State College of Medicine
MD • 1976
Family Medicine
Insurance Accepted
Google Maphttps://www.google.com/maps/dir//1500+N+Dixie+Highway%2C+West+Palm+Beach%2C+Florida+33401-2715%2F%4026.7266727%2C-80.0528837%2C17z


Family Medicine

Family medicine doctors are primary-care physicians trained to meet the diverse health needs of children and families.

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General Family Medicine

Patient Experience

A patient said that,” It had to be in the early to mid 90’s, when I moved down to south Florida. I asked around for recommendations for a doctor, I needed someone to monitor my High Blood Pressure. I was recommended to the doctor who Dr. Watren was replacing.

When I called to schedule my first appointment, they told me that the doctor I wanted was retiring and not taking new patients, would I care to make an appointment with the new Doctor. I said yes and their the story began. I have been seeing Dr. Watren since then.

I moved with him from Federal Highway in North Palm Beach, to PGA Blvd, in Palm Beach Gardens to I believe brings me to the present office. Dr. Watren has seen me through all of my health issues. He would recommend doctors in specialized areas, when needed, that I also still see today, each of them are much like him.

When my parents moved from Boca to Palm Beach Gardens, they started to see the Doc as well. They remained with him until they passed. He was with me when each one of my parents passed, including coming to the services. When my Mom was diagnosed with her brain cancer, he was there to break the news, and he cried with me.

Patient Experience

Not only has he been so special but his nurses have been as well. Each one of these three women have been amazing as well. Donna and Denise visited Mom while in Hospice and brought flowers. These are things that someone will never forget.

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They too came to the service. Donna, Denise and Eileen are amazing in the office, they are so sweet and make everyone feel so comfortable no matter what you are in the office for. They just add to the overall special atmosphere of the office.

Doctor Watren has been like extended family or good friends. They are always there when you need him. The compassion he shows, the care and the love, are second to none. I don’t believe there are doctors like him today. His availability to be seen or get a call back is top notch.

Even though today I am on a very tight budget financially, joining his MDVIP is extremely important to me. He and the nurses make you feel like you are best friends. I have watched all the nurses children grow up, and his grandchildren as well.

I worked in many different areas, church ministry to mental health and ii can honestly say, I have never, ever ran into other doctors like him. Donald, thank you for being you, you will never really know the impact you have made in my life. Keep up your great spirit and bedside manor. Your’e the best.”


Another patient said, “Dr. Watren is Amazing. Have him in my life I am worry free about ever feeling or getting sick knowing that I can reach him at any moment and he will do whatever it takes to get me back to feeling myself. I travel a lot and it’s important for me to have him by my side.”



Ability to Answer Questions

Previous patients’ assessment of this physician’s ability to answer all of their questions

Provider’s follow-up

Previous patients’ satisfaction of the followup care they received from this physician and responsiveness to their concerns

Clarity of Instructions

Previous patients’ satisfaction in the clarity of this physician’s instructions for taking care of their health condition

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