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Learn healthy techniques to remove armpit hair for girls 2021

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healthy techniques to remove armpit hair for girls Sometimes our underarms become dark and there are many reasons for their being dark such as using the wrong wax, use hot wax, to use chemical products and use hair removal creams also And for these reasons.

our underarm makes dark and due to these reasons we don’t wear our favorite sleeveless clothes. So here is my DIY remedy for underarms which makes your underarms clear and even tone. let’s start today’s video This remedy has



healthy techniques to remove armpit hair for girls !

2 steps:

1st steaming 2nd pack Firstly we will make pack for making pack we need 2 table Spoon all purpose flour.

2 table Spoon potato juice first you grate the potato and stain juice with help of strainer and last we need

2 table Spoon Beet root juice if you have not beet root you can take carrot.

cucumber or tomato juice now take a bowl add one by one all the ingredients and mix them together now let me tell you how to use this pack take a bowl put some lukewarm water and dip a towel in it take steaming your underarms as shown in this video By taking steaming,

steam helps to get rid of underarm darkness quickly after taking 5 minutes steaming, we have to apply pack immediately now apply pack evenly on your underarms with help of your fingers we will do this because by taking steam our pores are open and we want them pack penetrate in the pores deeply potato contains vitamin B, vitamin C, potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus and copper it has mild acidic property.

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Which helps to reduce dark patches beet root juice contains vitamins, iron and minerals which helps to makes our skin glowing and healthy leave it for 10 minutes due to leave pack 10 minutes, pack will melt the dirt and darkness with the help of the pack and it will help in getting rid dark patches after apply this pack just enjoy and relax for 10 minutes.

Now after 10 minutes scrub on your underarms with the help of loofah for 5 minutes instead of loofah you can use your fingers too all purpose flour (maids) helps to remove tanning, promote new skin cells growth, and helps to fade darkness of underarms after scrubbing wash or wipe your underarms you can see the change after 1st application for best results don’t forget to use 2-3 time in week friends.

along with follow this remedies, you have to keep some special attention 1st you get waxed herbal wax in your underarm arms or Rica wax 2nd after removing hair from your underarm.

do not apply deo spray it for at least 2 days till then 3rd do not use any hair removal cream on your underarms hair it makes your underarms dark and patchy 4th there is a myth that peoples thinks using razor underarms get dark which is not true at all Razor makes your hair hard but do not make your underarms dark 5th during bathing.

when you scrub your body do not forget to scrub your underarms gently 6th if your underarms too dark then after sleeping wipe your underarms and apply any moisturize cream on underarms due to this it will remove dirt or died skin cells from your underarms and makes your skin healthy last and very important tip is you have to use alcohol free deo spray or you can use roll on deo friends do not forget to use this remedy and do follow the tips.

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