How To Avoid Indigestion Top 9 Tips

How To Avoid Indigestion Top 9 Tips

It seems appropriate to begin 2021 with an article about indigestion, as I expect most people have suffered from it over the holidays!

How To Avoid Indigestion Top 9 Tips
How To Avoid Indigestion Top 9 Tips

How To Avoid Indigestion Top 9 Tips

So, a quick fun video that shows how you might be feeling…. followed by my advice on how to avoid indigestion and acid reflux.


Best Ways To Avoid Indigestion best 9 tips

  • Don’t eat within three hours of going to bed – your food needs time to digest
  • If you are bothered by heartburn during the day, don’t lay down. Sitting or standing helps the stomach acids to remain in the stomach. If you are bothered by indigestion at night on a regular basis, try lifting the head of your bed six to ten inches
  • If you need to lose weight, do so. Those who are overweight often suffer more
  • Keep clothes fairly lose round your waist. Tight clothes will restrict your digestion
  • Quit smoking – it’s bad for your health in many ways
  • Keep your meals small – little and often is best to avoid overstraining your digestive processes
  • Keep your bowels regular. Constipation and the resultant straining will make you uncomfortable. Check the labels of over-the-counter remedies that have constipation as a side-effect. Never alter a course of medicine that your doctor has prescribed
  • Digestive enzyme supplements that contain hydrochloric acid (HCl) may worsen your problems. Contrary to common myth, indigestion is rarely to do with low stomach acid
  • Don’t bend over or do heavy lifting unless absolutely necessary. And if you have to do it, make sure it’s not on a full stomach. Allow at least two hours before exertion. When bending, avoid abdominal strain by bending from your knees, not your waist. This is also better for your back.

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