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use acrylic nails

How to treat fungus if you use acrylic nails?


use acrylic nails
use acrylic nails

Onychomycosis is the medical term for the commonly known nail fungus. This condition can appear for many reasons and is quite common, since, according to the Ministry of Health of the Government of Spain, between 2% – 18% of the population of developed countries suffers from it.

This infection is uncomfortable and annoying, as well as making the nails look unsightly and unhealthy. The symptoms of this disease are the change of color in the nail (they usually turn yellowish), the thickness of the nail increases, and the edges of the nail begin to break.

In the case of acrylic nails, the care that your natural nails need is greater. In addition, the symptoms are not very visible due to the fact that the nail is covered. The fact that the nail is covered is the main reason why the infection occurs, since the false nail retains moisture and, as a consequence, your nail does not breathe properly.

But you don’t worry! Here we show you a revolutionary new treatment against this infection.


This revolutionary product is an all-natural homeopathic topical medicine. Zeta Clear kills the fungus from the inside, so it not only eradicates the infection, but helps the nails overcome the condition and prevents it from reappearing.

Before starting the treatment, you should remove your acrylic nails and cut your natural nails as much as possible. In this way, the Zeta Clear solution can penetrate under your nails to begin healing. This is possible thanks to the fact that the medicine is easy to use and to apply due to its applicator brush.

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The product should be applied three times a day. After bathing, you should add another layer of the solution. Drying is quick, leaves no residue, and does not smell unpleasant. It must be applied both on the nail and on the contiguous areas of skin, in order to cure effectively. The desired results will begin to be seen after six weeks of regular use of the medicine.

This homeopathic solution is totally natural, and its formula contains natural fungicides, in addition to many types of oil. All of this helps make the medicine fast and effective.

Antimuonium curdum;
Arsenic album;
Minicell extract;
Noricum ascidium;
Ahuja Occidentalism;
Inactive ingredients (water and alcohol);
Tea tree oil;
Almonds oil;
Jojoba oil;
Vitamin E Oil;
Citronella oil;
Undecylenic oil;
Clove oil.


This medication can be purchased without a prescription, so it is easy to get as well as easy to use. ZetaClear can be purchased online, and will be delivered to your home address. Think no more, leave acrylic nails behind and make your natural nails look beautiful. Here is a link so that you can purchase the ZetaClear solution safely.


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